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    Keyone BB: Why are there two lists of contacts? " favourite" (frequent contact list) and "all"? the "all" list doesn't contain those on the "favourite" list?!! also, I rec'v a text from a new contact, I created a new contact and it told me the info was already on (?) and it wd hide in a hidden list!! what is a hidden list? i cdn't find this new contact ANYWHERE! even on all my gmail accounts on my laptop. I was forced to once again, created a new contact by keying in the name/address again! (!!!) -- now the "hidden" contact with all the pertinent info resurfaced on the "favourite" list. But the new one nowhere to be found. This is insane.

    Secondly, that original text message all of a sudden, change the name to another existing contact (ie: Pete Smith) and I cannot change the name to the new contact who texted me. What's with this hidden/ non hidden and crazy set up we're having on the KeyOne BlackBerry?? help!! help!!
    06-23-17 07:27 PM
  2. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    Unfortunately I can't help, but this is a curious issue.

    I hope someone comes along who knows how to assist you.
    06-24-17 08:48 AM

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