1. Angel X's Avatar
    Between the two, I very much prefer the keyboard equipped Blackberry Priv. However, all of my associates and friends, and I mean ALL of them are telling me that the Priv is a waste of time and money due to the fact that it will not be supported very long? I really like the Priv I gotta say.

    ...And if the future of Blackberry's hardware were where it deserves to be, [instead of where it realistically now 'is'], I'd hands down buy the Priv. I very much like the entire design and function of the Priv, especially the keyboard. I am a designer so I need a powerful phone for visual exchange and video, and since I no longer have a company phone I am now in the market to buy my own. I don't play games. I don't stream. I do a lot of stuff on the web, and I also require a power camera.

    Anyone want to try and steer me into a Priv purchase...? Feel free to try your best. I wish to god that Blackberry's future prospects weren't so dire. If I'm wasting everyone's time here I duly apologize.

    Thanks for any input.
    04-23-17 02:28 PM
  2. Wezard's Avatar
    What do your friends mean by lack of support? Security updates will likely continue for 2 more years at least, it comes with a pretty standard 1 year warranty, (unless you buy grey market). It's pretty much plain Android, with the few things that make it BlackBerry being common to phones that haven't even hit the market yet.
    Will it get Nougat? I'm pretty sure yes, but no guarantees. That wouldn't be classed as support anyway, it would be an upgrade.
    I don't see where BB's future hardware comes into the picture. You aren't looking to purchase a future device, you are looking at a current device.

    There are more capable devices out there now, I'm not familiar with the Xiaomi's, it may be one of them. The Priv's claim to fame is that big beautiful screen with access to a capable PKB. If the PKB isn't a big draw, I'd consider some of the newer stuff. But then, the Priv is priced really good for the specs.
    I love mine, and I paid full price at launch, well worth it.
    Lack of support? I don't get it. Ask them what they mean, and exactly how that will effect you.
    04-23-17 04:36 PM

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