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    i have a blackberry 8520 which i am trying to fix i have tried everything bbsak, jl, and blackberry desktop. blackberry software start to run and install then suddenly it says unable to connect. you can hear it goes on and off. bbsak says theres no device connect tried a 100 times!! JL tried to wipe also 100 times nothing! when connected to the pc it shows a batt with red cross... so changed batt bought new one nothing. i have read all solutions nothing works.... and i know del vendor.xml file did that also for a forced up load nothing again! deleted desktop software installed about 30 times NOTHING. SEARCH THE NET SEARCH YOU TUBE nothing.... please is there a genuis out there that can help........

    please thnx all enjoy the day
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    08-05-14 04:57 AM
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    Try this......


    I had to dig that out of the archives!
    08-05-14 10:26 AM

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