1. Fernando Rey Bringas's Avatar
    How can i use apk files on my z10? I want to download instagram and other apps i was using during my iphone days.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-14 07:47 AM
  2. Traxxmy's Avatar
    Apk is android app installer. Now you have BlackBerry and want back the app you have when you use iphone. Weird weird.

    Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808. FilePLAY Music Player
    07-22-14 08:14 AM
  3. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to CrackBerry!
    You need to download the apk files for these apps and sideload them according to the instructions posted in my signature.

    Or if you have OS 10.2.1 or better, you can sideload SNAP, and then simply use Snap just like BlackBerry World to download and install apps.
    07-22-14 08:14 AM

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