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    I'm looking into SIM card options for use while traveling from Canada to Ireland and the UK (as opposed to roaming with my current carrier). In the past, with an older phone, I have found that I needed to either purchase a BlackBerry SIM card or add on a BlackBerry service subscription in order to use data. On one site it mentioned that if I'm running BB10 it's not necessary, any SIM/data plan will work. However, I have not been able to find any mention of this elsewhere. Is it true?

    Running on a Q10

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    04-26-17 06:45 AM
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    Yes when I was travelling, I had my z30 and took a local plan with data and I was good to go. I did have to manually enter the APN settings.
    04-26-17 06:47 AM
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    BlackBerry 10 does not require a BlackBerry plan.
    04-26-17 08:54 AM
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    Ditto above for BB10 phones. I use Truphone for travel since they have carrier agreements in over 200 countries. Data can be expensive in some countries, so I tend to use it mainly for voice and text, then use wifi for data. Truphone is UK based so data cost is not to bad (0.09$/MB). Prepaid sim may be less depending where you travel and how much data you use.
    04-26-17 09:41 AM
  5. DeirdreR's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Thanks also for the bit about the APN settings.
    04-28-17 09:38 AM

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