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  1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    Can I please have some of your wisdom?

    I just got a nice deal on an Unlocked (Vodaphone) Reconditioned Curve 9320 with 1 year warranty and am trying
    to get Free Wifi on it (and also an internet connection).

    I put in an O2 PAYG Sim and when I try the WIFI connection it says I must Turn on the RADIO to connect. I did that and it let me scan various places, but still would not connect. When I tried the Free Networks it insisted that I Turned on the Radio again (which I have to pay for), so I am pretty confused

    I have tried turning on the MOBILE Network and it still will not connect to the internet automatically.

    Any thoughts would be Very Welcome for a Blackberry newcomer like me.

    Many thanks

    06-09-18 11:14 AM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    I believe you need "BIS" (Blackberry Internet Service) for your phone to operate for more than just calls and texts. However, Vodafone may still offer BIS, call and ask.


    BTW, I was presuming you are on Vodafone. If not, is the phone locked to Vodafone?
    Last edited by scrannel; 06-10-18 at 08:50 AM.
    06-10-18 07:36 AM
  3. Eve1275's Avatar
    Hi Scrannel,

    Thank you very much for your BIS idea.
    Yesterday, I contacted O2 Customer service and they Activated something
    with Blackberry for me, I think it was the BIS you talk about.

    I haven't had chance to test the phone again yet, but I am told that now
    it should work find for Free Wifi things (apparently I need a Bolt-On to operate
    Internet using O2 network, but that only last for 1 month and I want to use it
    seldomly) so I will test the Free Wifi of my local town soon.

    My phone is a Vodaphone Blackberry and it is Un-Locked, so I am hoping
    for no more difficulty.

    Wish me luck!

    A Big Thanks to you for your kindness.

    06-10-18 03:07 PM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    Good luck, Eve! You know where to find us.
    06-10-18 08:30 PM

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