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    I have tried connecting the two together using a USB cable but I only get the Desktop Software come up for my two old Blackberry phones (Curve is one of them) and I can't add a new device. I have to send my phone for a repair as unfortunately I had an accident and smashed the screen and I want to save everything before the repairer wipes everything off before fixing the phone. I am stumped as I am not very good at technology and everything I have tried hasn't worked. The old Blackberries I had came with a CD to put software on the computer but the Priv didn't come with anything. Have BB not got any software for the Priv? I can't find anything on Google. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.
    10-01-16 03:34 PM
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    This may be of some help.


    Unfortunately Priv doesn't have BlackBerry desktop software so some of yourr choices are backup to Google account, Gmail, or one of the hundreds of back up apps available in the Google play store.

    Read this thread too.

    Posted via CB10
    10-01-16 04:29 PM

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