1. csawf's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I have the z10 - brilliant phone by the way - and have done for the past year ish.

    Anyway, last night I plugged my earphones in and the phone no longer recognised them. The sound continued through the speaker. I've managed to remove some lint from the jack and still it doesn't work. I bought some new sennheiser headphones and all I get with these is an erratic volume behaviour, where the phone switches between headset and media volume really quickly.

    Please help, I just want to listen to music!

    Many thanks, chris!
    08-01-14 03:13 AM
  2. crackbb10's Avatar
    Have you checked the BlackBerry Virtual Expert? It might well be hardware problem. I've had problems with the headset for about six months. You can also try different headsets, as I was able to use the new iPhone headset without a problem. Many other headsets just wouldn't work.
    08-01-14 03:19 AM
  3. csawf's Avatar
    Hi, I have done diagnostics, and it just said fail with no info. Its a very specific time,its like a second media, a second headphones, a second media... and so on. there's an audible double click each time it changes. I've just tried the new iPhone headphones, and nothing :/
    08-01-14 03:35 AM
  4. crackbb10's Avatar
    If it failed the test in BlackBerry Virtual Expert then it's broken. You probably won't get it to work properly anymore. If you still have a warranty try to get it repaired or replaced.
    08-01-14 10:09 AM

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