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    I backed up my KeyOne using Content Transfer so I could do a factory reset because DTEK sent me a notification that my OS was compromised. I backed up my KeyOne's files to my Google Drive account and that all seemed to go over fine. It created a folder my Drive containing files like sms.xml, contact.xml and so on.

    I have since done a factory reset my KeyOne, but when I go to run Content Transfer as a new device, it shows the transfer file, dated yesterday as being available, I enter the password I placed on it, and then it seems to stop.

    I get a screen that says "Transferring..." at the top with the message "Your previous device is transferring your data to Google Drive." I let this run over night, for more than 6 hours and no change.

    Since "my previous device" was my same phone before the reset, this doesn't make any sense. Did I do something wrong when creating the backup? Is there anyway to force it past this step or manual load the individual xml files?

    Is there another app that can take the files created by Content Transfer and import them?

    Also, if anyone is interested, I've got the KeyOne model BBB100-3, the silver CDMA version running Verizon in the US. Build #AAT166 .

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My plan b if I can't get these Content Transfer files to work is pull my BB Classic out of the drawer and migrate at least some of my data from my old phone. I switched back in November, so I shouldn't lose too many contacts. It would be a bummer to lose all those sms messages and some notes/tasks but not the end of the world.
    02-21-18 10:27 AM
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    BlackBerry Content Transfer is terrible. You're better off doing it manually anyway. Aside from that, your contacts are probably the least of your worries as those would be backed up by whatever email service you're using, provided its even somewhat modern. GMail for example will restore them all.

    Your SMS could have been offloaded and backed up using a third party app and notes and tasks, well you should offload those to something that supports backup like Google Keep or Evernote. Using BlackBerry Content for this has only complicated your situation.

    Doesn't help much now that you wiped your device, but at least you'll know for next time if you need to I suppose. At this point, might just be worth loading your KEYone with the backup Google would have created, assuming you left it enabled, and carrying on. You'll lose those SMS/Noted but the contacts will likely be there.
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    02-21-18 12:00 PM
  3. scrannel's Avatar
    BlackBerry Content Transfer is terrible. You're better off doing it manually anyway.
    I used it to transfer from my Z30 to my Motion and wife's Z30 to her Key1. Worked for us.
    02-22-18 09:57 AM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I used it to transfer from my Z30 to my Motion and wife's Z30 to her Key1. Worked for us.
    Hit or miss. Glad it worked for you though.
    02-22-18 10:05 AM
  5. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I used it to transfer from my Z30 to my Motion and wife's Z30 to her Key1. Worked for us.
    It's like BB LINK... some it still works fine, some it doesn't. Usually the doesn't happens at the worst possible time.

    In the end, no single solution should be relied on.
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    02-22-18 02:57 PM
  6. CDN_BB10_Fan's Avatar
    Just thought I'd share the fact that I successfully used Blackberry Content Transfer App to transfer all data from my wife's Classic and my Passport to Huawei P10's using Wi-Fi. Had to play around a bit with the launch order but after the devices 'saw' each other, I tapped the P10 device name on my Passport and after about 5 sec (not obvious), the list of data available to transfer came up. Took about 45 min but was relatively painless. All contacts, photos etc came across no problem. The only thing not resolved as of yet is the SMS messages. The App said they were successfully transferred and I even did it again but can't see any texts on new device. Small thing though.... Still love my Passport
    03-02-18 10:58 AM

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