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    I have a KeyONE BBB100-3 running ABL766 (Android 7.1.1). I have been holding off the system updates for over a year now because of complaints by others that LTE data would be lost.

    From the very beginning of having this phone, I dealt with the phone only switching back from 3G to LTE if I rebooted. Eventually, we figured out that by removing certain APNs, the phone would (for the most part) stay on LTE. However, even with this, some data would not transport over LTE (Yahoo Sports app, Chipotle app, etc).

    Recently, as a Sprint customer, we received access to TMobile towers. Where I work, I had always been stuck in really bad 3G service. Then, for about a month, I was getting 4G roaming from TMobile with great results. EVERY app worked. We recently purchased an Amazon Echo for the car and it would not work in Sprint LTE but worked like I was at home when I was on TMobile LTE roaming.

    4 days ago, however, the LTE roaming stopped. Now the phone is clinging to 3G Sprint instead of switching over to the much stronger LTE signal. It is my understanding that Sprint and TMobile have the roaming agreement in place still.

    Anyways, I've just about reached my wits end with this phone. For years, I've been unable to use it to it's full potential because of these data issues. Like I said, even when on Sprint LTE with a full signal, many applications simply will not load certain data. If I'm roaming or on WiFi, that same data WILL load.

    Anyone have any idea what is going on or how I can get my phone to start recognizing the TMobile roaming again as it was just 5 days ago?
    11-25-19 01:14 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I suspect the Sprint / T-Mobile merger will have a few hiccups.

    A CDMA KEYone isn't really supported to get an update, there is a way of doing it... but how it might affect your Sprint Network.... IS A HUGE UNKNOWN - at least till someone tries it. Unless you really are at your wits end...

    Sadly it's a fringe phone that not even Sprint has cared much about... maybe there are one or two Sprint KEYone ones that have had more success.

    All I could suggest is to Factory Reset the phone and maybe call support to see if there is a way to active the phone and a CDMAless device??
    11-25-19 03:12 PM

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