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    Is it true that installing Google play apps on BB slows down the system? I know that Android apps are eating plenty of battery and are in general resources consuming, but is it really that significant? Or is it about the number of apps? I currently have just one and a cobalt play store app - phone is working ok. What if I install five more?

    My device: Z30/STA 100-5/OS v.
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    05-07-17 09:27 AM
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    The main issue is that the apps are running in what amounts to an Android emulator rather than directly on Android and so performance is degraded.

    My experience was that Android apps took longer to load, but otherwise generally ran OK.
    05-07-17 09:37 AM
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    Additionally, it comes down to personal preference. I stopped using Android apps altogether due to performance issues. But some people might need several apps. Just try and see if it fits your needs. On a Passport for instance the performance hit might be neglectable since it has enough processing power.

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    05-07-17 09:49 AM
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    Depends on the phone. I did not have an overall positive experience on my Q10, including significant battery drain.

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    05-07-17 09:54 AM

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