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    Situation first occurred three days ago. When attempted restart, window showed red battery. Attached to charger, within twenty to thirty seconds indicator turned green. On startup the battery indicator showed fully charged. Ran diagnostics, and got general indication of "possible" hardware problem. NO specifics.

    Unit is Q5 model SQR 100 - 1, SOFTWARE RELEASE Shutdown usually happens with apps, but can occur on startup. Last occurance was ten minutes ago as I was observing the battery usage which indicated I had 21 hours of time remaining, with a red line showing from 17:36 hrs to 17:50 hrs. At 17:55 hrs it showed 18 hrs with only the battery usage app running.

    12-14-18 05:05 PM
  2. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    Seems like a battery replacement is in order.
    12-14-18 07:41 PM

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