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    Customer service didn't want to cooperate with me from the start. I told her that my passport was still working properly. All I needed was a new screen. I asked her what would be the cost of a new screen and she would not tell me. She reported that the repair team would have to assess the device first. I re iterated, " I know it's just the screen because I can still do everything on the device that I could before, but instead of going to a third party to get a screen and replace it, I wanted to get the best screen that I know the device comes with". I also told her that I know how much a screen costs because I have a friend who called and was actually told a price. She had no choice but to agree that it was the correct price. Shady! Then I asked can I send it just to get the screen repaired. I got the same answer. Because of my conversation with her I was hesitant to send the device off. But I did, because again I didn't want just any screen, I wanted the best screen. Meanwhile, my friend sent his off well before mine because of an issue with the headphone jack and his is working fine too, mind you, other than that. At the end of the day, although we sent our phones off at different times, with different issues, we got the same automated email at the same time stating. "Your phone could not be fixed because the water seal had been activated" And we had two options: Either to send the phone back as is or to trash it at the repair shop. Yeah right, like they would trash two operating phones with minor issues. I thought that it was such a coincidence to get the same automated email at the same time when our phones weren't sent off at the same time. And both of our water seals near the battery had not been activated but miraculously the ones on the inside have. Or so they say. Yeah right! Shady! I can tell you, during the time that I had the phone it had not been submerged or even fully wet other than being wiped off with a wet wipe. So I don't believe it one bit. I will get a cheaper screen and I will continue to use the phone, but I am done with blackberry support! So is my boyfriend!

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    07-03-15 12:40 PM
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    As far as I know, BlackBerry doesn't have any direct telephone support, unless you're referring to Digital River support. If you are confident that your phone doesn't have any liquid damage, I suggest you go on Twitter and see if @BlackBerrySupport or @JohnChen or whoever at BlackBerry will escalate it. Or just buy a screen online, I'm quite sure it will be the same one that BlackBerry themselves are using.
    07-03-15 04:06 PM

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