1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    i have a classic but nothing on the internet seems to help, i googled it and try different suggestions but nothing seems to work. It's a shame, i think Uber is a great application and it feels to me that it would actually be very characteristic to what BlackBerry stands for, which is travel, mobility, efficiency etc
    10-03-16 07:05 PM
  2. bhoqeem's Avatar
    I can access and use uber just fine from http://m.uber.com with my Q10. You might wanna contact them first to give you access for this through the same internet address, give them about a week and see if you there's no network error upon accessing. You can even use Uber android app from the Google Play after this.
    10-03-16 07:26 PM
  3. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Yes, I have a Passport, worked on the same issue most having.. Yesterday I Patched the latest version of Uber 3-130-7 and it allows you to login and it works with one exception.. The google maps does not show details but does know where you are and you can find Uber ride, etc. If you would like to know more contact me here and I will help you. I have been communicating with Uber to resolve the issue for us BB users. What I do know is that "Network Error" message has something to do with Google Signature not being allowed in the way the app is written.. I'm asking Uber to fix the issue.. Because if you can find an older version Uber app 3-109-2 it allows you to login and everything works except it won't last long. It seems it gets updated thru Uber system and after a few times in same day using it stops and has the newer latest Uber login page giving "Network Error"
    11-29-16 06:19 AM
  4. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Update on UBER Mobile Android App and there browser m.uber.com issue for Blackberry Logging IN with "Network Error" I have over Twenty (20) communications with Uber about this issue. Have made them aware of how many hundreds of current Uber customers are Blackberry users as well of the millions of Blackberry potential customers there are.. I do have there attention.. In the meantime what you can do is this.. I Have a working version of the latest Uber Mobile App, You can log in an do everything you want.. There is One small issue with this patched app I have. Google maps works but it does not show streets or details.. But you can use the app, find a ride, do all the things you need.. You just can't see street details, etc..
    I highly suggest that you go to your browser on laptop, log in to your Uber account if you have one or create on the internet with your desktop or laptop.. Then go to Uber Help and Submit on the Topic " Can't Log Into My Account" There Please write them that you are a BB user and need the Mobile Android App fixed for use on the BB. They may come back and tell you that they stopped supporting BB in 2015. Just ignore that, reply back to that message reminding them that there are hundreds if not thousands of BB world wide having the issue.. Earlier versions particularly Ver 3-109-2 does work, execept it gets updated thru there server and stops because of the update and login page.. It has to do with Signature verification and Maps with Google.. They could fix it.. Also tell them how many Android apps your currently using successfully on your BB. As I have 12 using daily on Z30 and Passport. No issues.
    If you would like to contact me I can assist you with a working latest version as described above..
    ps. You must contact them if we BB addicts and diehards want them to fix.. I have got their attention, I need your help and driving the nail home to get this fixed.. - Thanks
    11-30-16 09:05 AM
  5. gbking's Avatar
    Searched and searched and this finally worked for me:

    go to apk4blackberry.com/uber and follow instructions. I first got into it from m.uber.com; but couldn't pick a payment method without the app.
    Once I was signed up and followed the 3 steps listed at the 1st site mentioned it was easy to pick payment method.

    good luck
    12-16-16 09:10 PM

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