1. bathu's Avatar
    Hi guys I'm using blackberry passport now bb announced 20 free apps in BlackBerry world for festival season. But when I try to download that particular free apps it's goes to payment option mode! Anyone have a idea for download the free apps?
    Here the link https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...ode=US&lang=en

    Brick Breaker Anubis (normally $0.99)
    Camera Pro (normally $1.99)
    CineTV10 (normally $0.99)
    Easy Task (normally $1.99)
    Evolution Web Browser with Ad Blocker (normally $1.99)
    I'm Free - Quit smoking (normally $0.99)
    Instant - Track device usage (normally $1.99)
    Metal Pixels (normally $0.99)
    ODF Office (normally $2.99)
    PaperPusher Scanner (normally $2.99)
    Penzus Clock (normally $0.99)
    Penzus Fortune (normally $0.99)
    Penzus MMS (normally $0.99)
    PhoneFinder (normally $2.99)
    PicturePush (normally $1.99)
    Privacy Suite Pro (normally $1.99)
    Recycle Bin 10 (normally $0.99)
    Super Street View (normally $2.99)
    TapCam Timer Camera (normally $0.99)
    WhereIs (normally $0.99)

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 10:22 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Maybe not available in your country? I just got one with no issue.
    12-20-15 10:30 PM
  3. bathu's Avatar
    Oh!!damn... thanks man

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 10:50 PM
  4. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    Looool!! No its not about country in this case!!

    Even if the price is 0 usd it will still go to payment mode and u still have to put your password, and it will "confirm your purchase" for 0 usd!

    So enjooyy the appss! Gotta love BlackBerry every holiday season!!

    Merry Xmas and happy holidays!!

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 11:44 PM
  5. bathu's Avatar
    Thanks man... I got it!!! Happy Xmas

    Posted via CB10
    12-21-15 01:20 AM

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