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    I have a BlackBerry Passport. It seems that all the apps I require use Google play services. I have read the forum from cobalt and have downloaded the files and the apps still don't work. Idont know what an apk file is or how to use it. I don't understand why BlackBerry will not do something to assist it's clients. I like the device. However I find it complicated to use. I did not have any of these issues with my apple. If some one can tell me how to get these apps to work without getting to technical I would appreciate it.

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    01-22-16 12:14 PM
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    If all your required apps require Google play services you may need to consider an android device.

    Apk files are android files. They are not native to BlackBerry and with that in mind, within the scope of BlackBerry's legal boundaries it can't provide any additional support beyond the current android runtime that enables apk use.

    The Cobalt work around is excellent and it does work very well so give it another try.

    Uninstall all remnants of the Cobalt files you downloaded and all remnants of the apk files from android apps which you had installed.

    Read through the link below carefully and reinstall all of the recommended files.


    Be patient. You may still have to patch some of the Android apps you download. Use Cobalt's Gmap patcher on your computer.

    This process does appear technical but if I had success with it you should too.

    In closing it's probably best to post any questions directly in Cobalt's official Crack Berry page. Good luck!

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    01-22-16 12:44 PM
  3. cvse346's Avatar
    Thanks I will give, it a try

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-16 01:42 PM

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