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    I need Google Play service my device to win certain apps I need to use (all of which installed via 1mobile, but after installing Google Play service. And yet g to use Google play service updater, the updater app says it is not in my device. So I look at my downloaded apps, tap install. And it takes me to OPEN,so I press open and nothing g happens. I have un installed and then install. 3 tines now and it still says it's not in my device so again I press install. And an take to the google play service app OPEN screen (which usually means the app is installed already on my device, right? What am I missing g. Is this a common problem? Will it work anyway better on my Q10 than Z3? Or is this an os. Incompatibility? Or am I doing something g wrong? I need GPS app to win LYFT and be able to schedule. A ride I need and to apply a promo discount code, but the app qo t I stall with Google play svc (which isn't showing up as installed on my device)

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    12-23-14 05:45 PM
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    Meant to USE certain apps (not win certain apps) dam spell correct puts words I didn't mean in place of words I do mean, and often won't give me the option to add the word to spell predict list

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    12-23-14 05:47 PM
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    Google Play Services will NOT install on Blackberry devices. Unlikely BB will ever get Google services for a number of reasons. There are "patches" and workarounds, but all they do is basically remove the google service nag popups. Some apps that require Google services will work on a limited basis, with limited degrees of success, but you will never get 100% functionality with apps heavily dependent on the services.
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    12-30-14 11:41 AM
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    I just download lyft's .apk and patched it with Cobalt's Lucky Patcher and it led me to this screen:

    Google. Play service won't install on my Z30-img_20141231_015529.png

    I can't go further as the service is not for my country. I'd suggest you download all of Cobalt's .apks and go through the different threads to get Google Play to work - all in all there are just 6 .apks:

    Google. Play service won't install on my Z30-img_20141231_015916.png

    And bam there's Google Play Store! More advanced users find it glitchy, but noobs like us fare well with it :b

    Google. Play service won't install on my Z30-img_20141231_020121.png

    Oh and as I have already patched it, you can skip the above steps and directly download this patched Lyft .apk:


     Q5SQR100-2/ 
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    12-30-14 03:07 PM
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    Awesome umaima.b.zia
    =Thanks, and Thanku for patching it!
    12-30-14 03:39 PM
  6. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    Awesome umaima.b.zia
    =Thanks, and Thanku for patching it!
    You're welcome

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    12-30-14 04:06 PM

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