1. Jamaa's Avatar
    Anyone tried it?

    Knock Knock, Who's there? Google Duo voice calling

     Q10 SQN100-5/ T-Mobile with Wi-Fi calling
    08-16-16 04:19 AM
  2. jope28's Avatar
    The fact that it is tied to your phone number, Ala WhasApp, instead of your Google account, is very interesting.

     Passport/SQW100-3  Make BlackBerry Great Again!
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    08-16-16 10:03 AM
  3. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    Tried it on my Classic to my wife's Android... everything looks like it should work. No messages about Google incompatibility or anything...

    However, video calls can't seem to connect. You can make the calls and it rings on the other's device. Just when you answer it keeps loading forever.

    Again, everything on the app 'looks' like it should work but it just won't connect. Can anyone confirm of a similar experience? Or maybe you got it to work? Or, perhaps because it is a new roll-out, it's possibly a server-side issue and actually not a BB10 thing (wishful thinking)?
    08-18-16 07:02 PM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    I tried it this evening , from my Priv to an iPhone. No problems at all worked fine.
    08-18-16 08:39 PM
  5. NG888's Avatar
    Now if they can release Allo also, and make them both available on bb10, there is your whatsapp alternative.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    08-18-16 10:45 PM
  6. hf199's Avatar
    Same here on my classic. It won't connect the video call

    Posted via CB10
    09-05-16 12:33 AM
  7. apriori3's Avatar
    Same here, installed ok on my Classic and her Sony android, but can't get them to talk to each other.

    Posted via CB10
    09-05-16 12:16 PM

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