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    Have had no problem with Godaddy IMAP emails incoming and outgoing. As of last Wednesday morning (9/17), I have not received any Godaddy emails on my phone, but all outgoing emails are sent. All incoming emails appear in Godaddy's webmail.

    After various unsuccessful troubleshooting, I deleted the account from the phone and set it up as a new account. Shortly thereafter, my emails from 9/12-9/16 - the same emails that had already been received -- all began to download into the phone. No emails after 9/16 were received.

    My wife is on the line with Godaddy support, but i am not optimistic. Here is a thread from a similar, but different issue.

    Any ideas?

    09-23-14 08:08 PM
  2. ttocs25's Avatar
    Once a Godaddy mailbox hits 20,000 messages, subsequent messages are no longer available to be downloaded to a device. (Of course, Godaddy does not bother sending a message; "it is in the disclosures," which of course everyone reads.) It is easy to move the messages to a new mailbox. (Of course, the first Godaddy rep did not say this, instead she offered to send an article and said call the carrier; when my wife asked to speak with a supervisor--who ultimately resolved the issue--the rep told my wife the supervisor would just say the same thing. I believe they must be trained to blame everything on the carrier or manufacturer.)
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    09-23-14 08:21 PM
  3. hasib123's Avatar
    i am wondering if you have noticed that your email have been delayed...I am also a godaddy user and 9930.
    09-24-14 07:37 AM

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