1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I owned a Samsung Galaxy so needed a Gmail A/C, I then swithched to Windows so neeed a Outlook (Hotmail) a/c

    I managed to copy my Gmail contacts into Outlook contact (so duplicated) and sync.

    I use gmail for email but as really easy when I add a contact I add it to BOTH databases

    My Z10 did MERGE a vast majority and I had to manually merge the few.

    During a sync (HUB) all the contacts are NOW separated so duplicate entries when I select ALL

    there are simply too many to manually merge using select more linkI
    Really frustrated now

    CONTACTS / pull down / settings / automatically merge contact is on {merge current and future}

    I have deleted the Gmail a/c ( Hotmail is the default) and then re-installed it
    same result, hoping that the deletion then addition will merge the contact

    (btw calendar entries unaffected

    it goes throough the process ( automatic merge has begun but my Gmail and Hotmail contacts are entirely duplicated

    I know I can select one or the other to display, but that is NOT the issue,

    As you can appreciate my backup phone (Windows) is doing this without issue, my up to date (S/W) Z10 is NOT
    09-28-16 09:57 AM
  2. moonhacker's Avatar
    I ran into the same issue on my Passport. I made my Outlook (Hotmail) account the master account and merged the duplicate contacts that suddenly appeared from my gmail account in Outlook. I still came up with duplicates so I downloaded the "Max Contact Manager" app. Everything good.
    09-29-16 11:42 AM

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