1. bold and proud's Avatar
    I'm on a new Bold 9900 - my original suddenly died 2 days ago. I'm on AT&T so BIS is still active and I'm all hooked up there with integrated gmail & filters (phew). But I can't get my google calendar to sync with my gmail - had been using a 3rd party app (BGCalendarSync). I've tried turning on sync from BIS and also from phone setup - it says yes but doesn't go. I've also gotten random notices from BIS saying "calendar sync has stopped, please reactivate", which I do, but since it never WAS syncing I don't get what's up with those messages. The only thing showing up are new invites, so there's some kind of connection...but not any way to see my gajillion appointments. Can anyone help? Without a calendar my beloved Bold is way less beloved...
    05-19-19 12:10 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Activation and Service Books... something like that.
    05-20-19 10:01 AM

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