1. syafiq haha's Avatar
    How can I get GF in this phone

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    08-18-14 05:37 AM
  2. the_igg's Avatar
    You can do so by consuming some dung. It works I tells ya.

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    08-18-14 05:54 AM
  3. syafiq haha's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-14 06:03 AM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I'd love to fix the title, and move this thread where it belongs, but what the heck is GF?
    08-18-14 06:38 AM
  5. makarand14's Avatar
    This I've gotta watch
    08-18-14 06:44 AM
  6. MB64's Avatar
    Go on YouTube. They have videos for every thing!!

    Posted via CB10
    08-18-14 06:49 AM

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