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    Hi, everybody! Who can tell - will BlackBerry ever again launch any phone based on BB10....?

    What is about so called software business - BES12 should be very good thing, shouldn't it?! But for example if I want to have for example BES12 could service it is almost impossible to get any information how can I use it my country, by the way, I am from country called Latvia. I suppose that here are a lot of clever guys who know much more about BlackBerry stuff, can anybody tell me about the issues I touched above, please!?

    Thank you very much in advance for your replies!

    Have a nice day and weekend!

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    DTEK50 now available for pre-order from Unlocked Mobiles and Clove in the UK | CrackBerry.com

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    07-29-16 06:22 AM
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    BES12 = replaced by Good

    BlackBerry 10 = replaced by Android
    07-29-16 07:08 AM
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    BES isn't really a consumer product. It's an enterprise management tool that applies policies to handsets and also makes them an inside the corporate firewall device without the need for VPN or other additional applications. This has always been the core product of BlackBerry. The original pagers and later phones were sold as a way of accessing this network. Unlike hardware, BES brings in regular income through licenses and renewals.

    Now that some of the network features that BES and BIS were able to leverage in the Era of 2G networks are obsolete, and now that smartphones have become a commodity product, BlackBerry realised that offering BES management across any mobile platform is a much more enticing opportunity. While buying a smartphone is a one time cost, annual licenses and renewals are an ongoing stream of income no matter whether it's an Android, iOS, or BlackBerry that's being managed. If suddenly tomorrow an entirely new mobile OS were to be unveiled that blew Android and iOS to the wayside, BlackBerry would still be able to continue with BES since they would only need the ability to manage the device, which gives them much better flexibility.

    Many Crackberry readers have decried the move towards software, but this has always been BlackBerry's business. The consumer infatuation with BlackBerry handsets was more a statement about the quality of other platforms at the time than anything. Now that the consumer Era has passed, it's time for the company to go back to their roots.

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    07-29-16 07:13 AM
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    BES12 = replaced by Good
    Good provides an app suite for BES.
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    07-29-16 07:21 AM

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