1. anon(9194980)'s Avatar
    With all the marketing about the Priv being secure, you would think BlackBerry added a file manager made by them to avoid using 3rd party ones. Does anyone know if BlackBerry added one to the Priv or if they plan to make one?
    11-10-15 02:55 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    There is no native file manger in the Priv. Only option is to download one. Many like Es file explorer.
    11-10-15 03:16 PM
  3. Don McAskin's Avatar
    Reviews are not good on Es file explorer, since an update. Any other recommendations.
    11-12-15 06:10 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    Reviews are not good on Es file explorer, since an update. Any other recommendations.
    It's still rated#1 by many.

    Anyway, look here:

    RWB3325 likes this.
    11-12-15 06:13 PM
  5. Vindi7's Avatar
    I use this...
    Attached Thumbnails File manager in Priv-1447387156120.jpg  
    11-12-15 09:59 PM
  6. Dang Nguyen1's Avatar
    I woudn't recommend ES (unless only it fits your usages). I don't know why people here recommend it that much.
    Some of the better free, material, no-ads and (used to be) open-source alternatives people should try: Amaze File Manager, Cabinet
    11-16-15 09:36 AM
  7. Don McAskin's Avatar
    Thanks, I did download this. I like the layout.
    Having an issue with SDcard, can't delete anything from it. It is like I don't have access to the memory card. File manager (Asus) even says deleted but does not?
    Won't let me move files to my memory card either, "no permission" ?
    11-16-15 04:26 PM

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