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    Bought a 9900 off Amazon, and a few things I noticed right away. First, the web browser has a undeleteable bookmark called Unicom (www.wo.com.cn), and the battery is a JM1 with text that says 2400mAh right below the blackberry symbol. From what I remember from my 9900 years ago, was that it was a ~1300mah battery, which raises suspicion. This battery is also ever so slightly thicker than the stock, so the back is raised JUST so much; honestly most people would probably never notice this, but again as a former 9900 owner, I remember the fit and finish of this device, and the back definitely did not fit like this. It is raised from the rubberized part about .25-.5mm...not much. It does however cause the back to sometimes come unsnapped from the clips at the bottom.

    I just don't recall Blackberry ever making a 2400mAh cell, and other than that and its slight increase in thickness, I would never know the difference; it looks EXACTLY like a Blackberry battery. Also, I never remember BB batteries being a glossy paper on the battery; I always remembered them having a rough matte finish (this one is glossy).

    Last thing: the seal on the box was broken when I bought it. Now it was from Amazon, so I have no idea.
    11-19-16 12:08 AM
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    More than likely a used refurb device with a cheap replacement battery.
    If the price was right keep it, if you're uncomfortable though, Amazon usually responds well to returns.

    Posted via CB10
    11-19-16 11:18 AM

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