1. denvinbel's Avatar
    hi guys
    since yyesterday,i have issue withthe face book apon the vblackberry keyoneif i tapon the application it stays 2seconds then dissaperead,i did restart uninstall/install again but noluck
    hassomeone experiencing similar issues
    07-12-18 08:41 AM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    Did you type that on your KEYone? I ask because it's, well, strange like you took your fist and rolled it over the keyboard. My jokes can be ridiculous... sorry, I couldn't help myself there...


    Delete facebook and reinstall it. Or delete it and leave it deleted because it's bad for your health. If you need it (which you don't), use your Web browser if removing that app and reinstalling it doesn't resolve your problem.

    There is no real reason why any Android device wouldn't be able to run facebook considering facebook desperately wants everybody to be addicted to their whatevers.
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    07-12-18 06:15 PM

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