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    I've been constantly having this problem since the beginning.

    I use Evernote on PC and constantly transfer to working on my Passport when I'm on the go, and the formatting isn't accurate at all.

    First, there are some spacing issues between words, especially when it's after a word that's been italicized. Sometimes there's extra spaces between paragraphs and other times there's been a whole entry without any spaces at all! Just a string of words.

    I don't edit it when I see that happen, because then I'd have to go and manually add spaces to all of it. When I go back to PC, leaving it unedited, it seems normal.

    Second, the font changes every now and then.

    I write a lot, sometimes 20k words in one note entry, and I love the physical keyboard.

    I even bought the Priv so I wouldn't have this issue, but I'm not as comfortable with the Priv as I am with the Passport--and Blackberry's having a holiday bundle sale on the Passport SE, and I'm really tempted, but I want to know if anyone else is having this problem or if they can fix it.

    I tried the Evernote forum, but their Blackberry thread is practically dead.

    Someone please help!
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    12-18-15 04:55 AM
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    I experienced some but not all of your formatting issues you've mentioned on my Z10 and I contacted Evernote support via the online interface. My issues included the app dropping spaces before and after text formatting (bold, italics, and underline) and hyperlinks during the sync.

    The way I got in touch with support was to log into my account online and then click on my avatar in the lower left corner. In the upper right of the "Account Summary" page, I clicked the arrow beside my name. From the drop-down menu I then chose "Contact Support". On the form, I selected "Report a sync issue" (fourth option), "Evernote" (first option), and then "BlackBerry" (second) from the drop-downs. They get you to type in a brief description and their help system then looks through for already answered questions. Consider it the subject of your message and ignore all their answers and just click continue. Then you can type your full description of the problems. When explaining the problem I made sure to include "*** NOT THE BLACKBERRY REMEMBER APP ***" as I've seen them (and BB users) confuse the two on various forums.

    In my dialogue with their support staff, I provided them with a link to this thread. Plus I posted two screencasts (filmed using Toysoft's Screen Recorder) and posted them to YouTube because it was difficult get across the issue. The first https://youtu.be/5u9GtyEPN-c goes over the text formatting issues and second https://youtu.be/XKVAfU4apNk the hyperlink quirks. The last I heard their support has brought the issue to the attention of their devs.
    01-05-16 10:46 PM

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