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    I used Z10 for a long time but switched to Samsung Galaxy S7 because of the WhatsApp issue and great picture quality.

    However, I missed the HUB and the BlackBerry Calendar so I installed it on my S7. Everything worked well until some strange locked events appeared in my calendar and some other were not shown anymore (on my other devices like IPad and Notebook there were no problems).

    I reinstalled the calendar app and since then my events are not shown in lock screen anymore like it was the case before on my S7 (and also earlier on my Z10). I am not talking about pop ups, they do appear as a reminder like 5 minutes before the begin. The appointments/events do not appear in text form and stay on the lock screen for a day or two like it was before and it really annoys me.

    Does someone have an idea how to get it back? Which settings might be responsible for this problem?
    01-11-17 05:14 PM

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