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    I'm in a family share plan on Verizon and my contract isn't up until October. I'd like to switch to a blackberry but i'd rather not wait until October. Since T-Mobile will buy out my contract and pay etf could I switch to T-Mobile, buy a tmobile sim and an unlocked q10 and start fresh with a blackberry on T-Mobile? Please let me know if this is even possible and if it is, is it a good idea or should I just wait and upgrade to a classic on Verizon in October. Thank you.
    04-04-15 09:14 PM
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    What is stopping you from from buying an inexpensive BlackBerry on Verizon to tide you over to upgrade time? You don't have to wait until October, you save money, and you don't have to change carriers.
    04-04-15 11:44 PM
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    I'm not sure of your money situation, but the Classic is about $400 full retail. If you could, I'd recommend buying that at full price and not switching to TMobile. Once October hits, you'll be eligible to get on a promotion that lowers your bill $25 per month that you're out of contract (assuming it sticks around). If you keep your Classic for 24 months, you'll have lowered your bill $600. Buying the phone out right would have paid for itself plus 200. In addition, you'll have the added luxury of being able to upgrade to a new BlackBerry whenever it releases (although that negates my first point).

    Edit: My estimate of $600 is assuming your family is on a 6gb or higher plan. If you're on anything less, it would be $15/month ($360 for 24 months).

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    04-05-15 12:04 AM

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