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    A couple of days ago my Z10 started to update the OS and stuck on 100%. I left for almost 10 hours and when I returned it was still on 100 % without any change. I tries BB Link to update the software but after I pressed "reload" some process started and then the phone showed the famous error "bb10-0015".
    Of course I tried to reload the phone with BB Link again. After pushing the reload button, Link asks to turn off the phone but before I even press the button, the phone reboots itself and this process continues until after a few minutes a message appears "Software update detected an error".
    I tried to reload from "preferences" option, I tried to plug the phone without the battery (the computer doesn't recognize the phone in that case). Nothing works. I tried all the 4 versions of Autoloader. But as soon as I connect the phone the Autoloader says "Resetting the device" and the phone reboots, and the process goes infinitely.
    I tried different wires, usb ports, computer. Nothing work.

    Please tell me if there are other options I can try...............
    12-21-16 05:58 AM
  2. shorski's Avatar
    Switch the phone off. Start autoloader and connect the device.

    It should come on by itself and the autoloader should immediately catch it.

    12-21-16 06:03 AM

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