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    I've been using 2-step verification on Z10 and Playbook for ages - all works fine.

    Tried to use Snap yesterday, but it said that I needed to generate and enter an App-Specific Code.

    I generated the code, but I can't find anywhere to enter it. There is no password field in the Gmail Accounts section under Settings -> Accounts - which is where all the instructions I can find say that I need to enter it.

    I even recreated the Gmail account. It asked for my Google password, then a 2-step verification number from the 2-step code generator app, but the new Gmail account still doesn't have a field to enter the password.

    I can't find any posting with this specific problem - which suggests that my setup is different in some way. Can anyone help ?

    Many thanks
    09-06-14 06:03 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    The specific pass code is used instead of the password.

    So when you open Snap, you use your email as login and that gibberish of letters as the password.

    Snap is a third party app, it doesn't integrate with the OS.
    09-08-14 06:37 PM

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