03-28-17 11:27 AM
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    Like before in the other threads, people have brought up the forum as an end to support. It just means they don't want to run a forum and waste money that majority of people do not use anyway and those that do go online for that, goes to CrackBerry for it anyway. That is all that is.

    If the horse is finding his own water even when you put one out for it, at some point you will stop putting out water.
    I agree. But for OS releases the discussion has to be with BlackBerry as they only can answer if the Priv will get N or not. That's what I need and several others need, just an acknowledgement from BlackBerry. But looking at the end of discussion forums and etc only means they slowly getting rid of the smartphone Support and etc. I agree it should happen as they have transferred everything to TCL. But somewhere something is wrong and I cannot explain what. Like we cannot get an answer in Crackberry forums unless we have solid news from BlackBerry regarding OS releases. Hope someone from BlackBerry is also with Crackberry to share the details of such releases.
    03-28-17 11:27 AM
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