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    Hi - I shall be starting a new job with a new company, so all very exciting - the IT chap of my future new employer says that their standard issue phone is iPhone and that they are not supporting Blackberry for company email - Heart Sinking Moment - Pause - Big Breath - I mentioned that as a work phone iPhone is so substandard as an email, calendar and document management tool - in fact iPhone, and Android for that matter, are just shocking in this space - So my question is, could this IT chap still connect my BB to the work server even though it is a BB and not an iPhone, with zero investment or reconfiguration of the work system on his part? Or, unethically nor compliant of me, could a simply slip the iPhone SIM into my BB and some how hack into my work mail by fiddling with the Accounts settings on the BB - Obviously compliance and a happy BB user are the preferred outcome rather than a non-compliant sneak.
    02-03-15 10:51 PM
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    I want to know the answer to that question as well!

    Z10 (STL 100-3) with vitamin
    02-03-15 10:55 PM
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    Just ask them for the server settings, should be a simple exchange server setup.

    If they refuse or won't give you the settings, then just ask them to provide you with a phone.

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    02-03-15 10:56 PM
  4. Lumute's Avatar
    It all depends on their specific configuration and if they are using any MDM solution, etc. Very YMMV but if they are just using a regular protocol like IMAP or POP or ActiveSync, etc. without VPN connectivity most likely you can recreate the config on in the BB...

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    02-03-15 11:02 PM

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