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    I asked this as a follow-up question on a different thread, but I thought I'd try here, too. Is it a good idea to use an encryption app for sensitive files, or does the BB OS' encryption feature (encrypting the entire SD card) make those apps redundant? If not, what app do you recommend? Thx in advance!

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    09-20-15 04:09 PM
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    Encrypting the whole sd card...
    A double edged knife...
    It must be sufficient though.
    However, before wiping or updating OS, decript the card. The wiping process deletes the encryption key and makes the card useless.
    An encrypted card can't be used in a card reader (to copy the photos for example). The only way to do it is then card being in the phone and connect phone with USB or WLAN to the PC.

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    09-20-15 09:22 PM
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    Thank you, anischab! I appreciate the reply!

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    09-20-15 10:03 PM
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    If you're doing an over the air update you won't need to decrypt the card or device. You only need help decrypt in cases of destructive updates, such as an autoloader.

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    09-21-15 05:46 AM

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