1. FeralCat1's Avatar
    Hi, can any of the techies here get a message to the BB folks...

    Why are the Emojies (Icons) being used with the Blackberry system (Z30) NOT compatible with other devices... And visa-versa. Not all but some? Simple texting results in smiles and faces being converted to various symbols and characters that don't represent anything being communicated?

    Seems like a programing issue... Can anything be done to fix these issues?

    Example, a simple smile face becomes two diamond symbols with question marks within the diamonds... Have many Apple folks saying they just get weird symbols when I actually sent a smile face of some sort...

    Thanks for looking, let's get this handled to help bridge the usability gap for the naysayers of Blackberry

    Seems to be directly related to dealing with Apple products including my email system on my apple computer being unusable as the systems sinc'ed and now my OLD apple system doesn't function? Somehow the two computer languages are NOT playing well with each other??

    08-06-14 02:32 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    there might be apps to help with this, but its been like that a long time.
    08-06-14 02:35 PM

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