1. pomidor's Avatar
    Is there a way to edit the bb10 backup file (*.bbb) so that when you do restore from it, it would only restore the wi-fi profiles? By 'edit' I mean delete everything in the file that isn't the Saved Wi-Fi List

    Why am I asking this?

    All my saved Wi-Fi profiles disappeared. This has happened before. In the past, turning the wifi on/off or resetting the phone would usually make the saved wi-fi profiles re-appear, however, this time I didn't realize the wi-fi profiles were gone, and I've added new wi-fi profiles since, thus creating a new (I think) wi-fi profiles list. I think the old list is overwritten now. No matter what I try to do with the phone that worked before, will not show the old list, it only shows the few profiles I recently added.

    The regular BB Link restore method doesn't have an option for restoring just the wi-fi profiles, so I'm wondering if editing the restore file to included just the wi-fi profiles is possible. The Restore file is a zip file, so I extracted it to take a look. There is a "settings.tar" file inside the archive, but I am unable to extract it to take a look inside that. WinRar says it's corrupt; 7-zip says it's not an archive. That's as far as I got.
    07-07-15 04:02 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    you can't edit the restore file as far as I know. Never heard of anyone doing that.
    07-07-15 09:01 AM

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