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    I have a WD network storage device hooked up to my home router. I access it through a laptop that has link on it and just created a path to it that my BlackBerry can follow.
    This works well enough but also forces me to keep the laptop on when I'm away which isn't always desirable. I do like using the native file manager for access but was wondering if there was an easier way than having the laptop as the go between.


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    06-27-15 05:57 PM
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    SMB is generally blocked by routers so your NAS won't be available outside of your own network except through Link's RFA feature as you have it set now. While this may be inconvenient, having SMB ports open to the entire internet is a very big security risk since the hashing it does of passwords is relatively weak in modern crypto standards.

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    06-28-15 07:15 AM

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