1. mkatkinson's Avatar
    I cannot get my DTEK60 to screen cast to my TV using Chromecast Ultra. My DTEK60 cast without any problem to my previous Chromecast 2.

    I also have a Priv, that casts to Chromecast Ultra without any problem.

    So the problem seems to be casting DTEK60 to Chromecast Ultra. Has anyone had a similar problem? Is it a DTEK60 or a Chromecast Ultra problem, or have I set things up incorrectly?

    04-24-17 05:18 AM
  2. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Not sure what's going on either but my DTEK60 can;t seem to find my MiBox now. Used to be fine. Have not had time to delve into it.
    04-24-17 08:40 AM
  3. mkatkinson's Avatar
    Added info to my original post above:

    My DTEK60 does screen cast to my TV if I use my Roku 4.

    So it does seem to be a Chromecast Ultra issue with the DTEK60?
    04-24-17 09:28 AM
  4. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Perhaps it is the Ultra since it is 4k isn't it? Maybe a setting changes to allow no 4k content? I do not own one so I don't know. only a miBox and a Google cast puck.
    04-24-17 09:30 AM
  5. mkatkinson's Avatar
    There is no option within Ultra to restrict 4k content, and in any case the Roku 4 is 4k enabled and screen casting works with that. I have tried my old Priv with the Chromecast Ultra and that works fine!
    The Priv is on the Chromecast Ultra "Optimezed Devices" list, the DTEK60 is not, even though the DTEK is a newer model and uses the same Android 6.0.1 firmware.
    This must be a Chromecast issue?
    04-25-17 01:41 AM

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