1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I have a DTEK60 and a SanDisk SDXC Ultra 128GB micro SD card. When I inserted the card, I was prompted to install MicrosoftexFAT for BlackBerry from the Play Store. After doing this, I was asked if I wanted to format the card for internal or external storage. I chose internal, and everything seemed to install correctly. If I go into Settings -> Storage & USB, I get the Internal storage and SanDisk SD Card showing up correctly (32GB & 117GB). Now if I go into any file explorer tool (ES, Solid, Astro), all of them say I have 22.94 GB of internal storage total. Any ideas why this is? I've tried reformatting the card as external, and then it appears in the file explorer correctly as separate storage. But as soon as I swap it back to internal, it just disappears, and the file explorers don't seem to recognise it.
    11-19-16 10:10 AM
  2. Mirko935's Avatar
    Did you move data to it after you have formatted it? That option is somewhere in Storage & USB. After you do that, your file explorer should show it. But it will no longer show the real internal memory and most of your apps will also be transfered to SD.
    Since SD cards are usually slower than internal NAND memory, you might want to transfer some apps back because of performance (if your card is fast enough, you might even not notice any difference).
    11-19-16 10:24 AM
  3. ISeeBinary's Avatar
    I put some data on it, but it still does not display correctly. It's not a big deal, but just slightly annoying in that it tells me I've used up 20% of my internal storage, when in fact I've used nowhere near that. I did start wondering if it had anything to do with encryption, as the internal storage is all encrypted, and requires a code on boot up?
    11-20-16 11:06 AM
  4. Mirko935's Avatar
    But did you use the Move data or Migrate data function? As suggested here: external sd - Using SD card as internal storage and migrate date - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

    As far as I remember, after migrating data you should only be able to see the SD card in a file manager. Though it could be that it just shows the capacity incorrectly, but I don't believe so. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to move data, reformat my card etc. to test it myself. But as far as I remember, if you don't use that migrate data function you can't access the card (and I believe it also asks if you want to move data once it's formatted, so maybe you've already done it and I'm completely wrong about it all ).
    11-21-16 05:27 AM

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