1. 6lb2014bb's Avatar
    I just purchased the dtek50 not even a week ago with freedom Mobile and have put in a SD card of 16gb. After I bought it, the phone did all the necessary updates. I've taken a couple of videos of about 2 minutes each and now when I try to take a video it stops after 1 second and says "the maximum file size was reached" and closes. I only have 3 videos and 20 pictures. When I bought the phone the guy set it up so pictures and videos were to be saved automatically to the external SD card. What is wrong with my phone why can't I take videos.
    I have settings set up so images and videos get uploaded to my Google Drive as well. Please help .
    04-28-17 08:37 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    How much space is left on Internal Storage and on the SD Card?

    Are you using the builtin camera/video app, or using another application?

    From within the camera app, check the file storage location.... change it from what's selected and see if it then works. (maybe the card is full or damaged?)
    04-28-17 08:57 AM

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