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    I am using the DTEK50 and the original swivel holster. Coming form Q5 I am used to just put my Q5 into any of the original pouches, which locked the device every time.

    Now with DTEK50 and holster this is not working. The DTEK50 is not locked when pushed into the holster, the screen stays on and active. Even worse: When pushing the prior locked phone into the holster the screen turns on and is recognizing touches and buttons. I already have plenty screenshots, turning WIFI and volume on/off and all other kind of randomly actions while in holster. If i think of the 'wipe device after 10 tries' settings for the lock screen, I get the creeps.

    This is not happening from accidently pushing the on/off button while pushing into holster, it happens every time, even when pushing the locked phone very carefully into the holster. I can turn on and off the screen with the on/off button while staying in the holster, there is absolutely no recognizing of the holster from the phone (besides the turning on when pushing in!).

    It is the original swivel holster, ordered directly from the german official blackberry shop. The package is shouting very loudly 'I am designed for DTEK50'.

    There were absolutely no instructions included, no hints how to insert the phone properly and no hint that a magnetic (or otherwise) locked-when-inserted feature is present. I was expecting that from what I was used to from previous blackberry holster where this feature was a implicitness. Silly me.

    I fear that the behaviour of the phone comes from the magnet that holds the "secure magnetic flap" in place, which keeps the holster closed. Dependend on how the phone is inserted, the phone either ignores the holster or misinterpretes it. Either way the phone is not protected against erronous actions when inserted.

    Poor design. No one in the quality departement ever has used these two together, me thinks.

    And I miss the bedside mode. And the pattern unlock.

    "PRIV & DTEK50 combines everything you expect from BlackBerry..."? Not (yet)!
    08-23-16 01:07 AM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    I ran a magnet all over my Dtek and the magnet wakes it, puts it into a clock more (apparently for cases with an opening for that) but does not seem to put it to sleep. Got me... maybe the clock mode is their new version of "sleep"?
    08-23-16 11:00 AM
  3. stevec66's Avatar
    Looks like a bad design flaw, will hold off purchasing until all the bugs are out of phone, tks for sharing.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-16 12:46 PM

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