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    I am a long time BB user having worked my way through the 8, 9, & 10, series phones and now have a DTEK50 which I am happy with. Last April I bought my daughter a DTEK50 which originally was very happy with until it was approx five weeks old and the screen became unresponsive we sent the phone back to BB who replied saying the phone had damage that was caused by us and the repair was chargeable as I could prove it one way or another I paid £ 107.00 to have the phone repaired the phone we received back was a replacement not the original phone. Now the replacement phone that has been kept in its BB pocket was left on charge overnight when my daughter pick the phone up the screen is unresponsive and when looked at closely there is a crack from top to bottom of the screen, I am about to start the process of going back to BB with a faulty phone and if they said we have damaged this phone how can I prove we have not?

    I have read other posts on this site of screens that have cracked for no apparent reason and I feel we will be going down the same route again.

    Could anyone give me some guidance if you have had a similar problem?


    10-05-17 06:14 AM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    I suspect you may be wasting your time and screen may have broke through slight bump drop. I own both DTEK models and own every BlackBerry phone model except Pearl and Storm going back to 8700. I've only ever broke two screens and they were both recently on each DTEK. Neither phone experienced any type of significant drop. They both have glass screen protectors. Each phone experienced a drop from my hand onto my soft leather shoe as I stopped device from hitting floor. Device then bounced an inch or so onto tile floor. Each device has single crack across the screen under the glass screen protector. The screen is definitely not the quality of the PRIV or any previous BlackBerry screen.

    I think you're wasting your time, because it seems like the slightest bump onto any surface could lead to stress crack. It's poor quality unfortunately compared to previous BlackBerry devices but user fault.
    10-05-17 06:40 AM

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