1. cb900f2's Avatar
    Hi All...

    I am running Android 6.0.1 on my DTEK50 (BB) and what is happening is when I use Google Assistant and to ask it to call a contact MOIBLE phone #, if that phone number starts with area code 647, it will pull the # and add a + and space to the phone . example. +6 47-XXX-XXXX, and then my carrier thinks this is an international call and it will not process the call request.

    This only happens with area code 647 in the MOBILE field. If I use the same # in my contact list in HOME , its ok.. if I use a 905, 416, 289 area code in my MOBILE field, it will dial fine!... Its driving me crazy!. I can not figure out why and how to fix it!..

    this is a real pain in when I use the phone in my car with Android Auto and I try to call these 647 area code numbers..

    Any help with be truly appreciate...

    thank you
    01-08-17 09:28 AM
  2. rbtg's Avatar
    it does happen to me in US when i used google to dial a 646 area code my phone (LG G5) start dialing 011646xxxxxxx New Zealand ,so it has nothing to do with your phone it's google's fault
    01-08-17 09:55 AM

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