1. DamianWarS's Avatar
    So I dropped my Z10 and the fully charged battery dropped to 0%. Took out battery, sim and back together and the phone only charges to 15%. It powers down before it hits 0. Any ideas of fix? Is the battery shot and should I just shop for a new one? There is no other noticeable damaged just this battery issue.

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    02-26-15 07:36 AM
  2. Michele Guzzini's Avatar
    Idea: try to put the same battery on another Z10 and see...
    02-26-15 07:41 AM
  3. DamianWarS's Avatar
    Update: the Z10 changed to 100% last night and appeared to keep its charge. But the phone would intermittently show 0% or the actual/more realistic % but it never turns off.

    I don't have access to another Z10 otherwise a simple test swap would confirm if the battery is at fault. are there any battery test for z10. All BBVE says is that's it's healthy.

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    02-27-15 06:22 AM

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