1. nglfmark's Avatar
    Serious problem. I was typing a word doc in "documents to go" and suddenly the file disappeared. It was pinned in Dropdox. I went into Dropdox to view my file and shock... More than half my files in one of my folders disappeared. Other folders so far are still there. I'm going to backup whatever remaining files I have on Dropbox and NEVER trust it again. Anyone had this problem before???

    07-01-14 09:56 AM
  2. richrockx's Avatar
    Nope, it was the nsa

    Via Z10
    07-01-14 09:57 AM
  3. nglfmark's Avatar
    I signed out of Dropbox. Then signed back in and thank god all files were there again. Must BU my Dropbox just in case this happens for real. Don?t know why my BlackBerry showed the wrong info from Dropbox. Anyway seem to be resolved for now...

    07-01-14 10:10 AM

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