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    So I love using the HUB on my Priv for email, but hate the lag for texting, so have turned it off in settings under "display on the account tab" and just use the stock texting app.The issue is I keep getting the red asterisk on the HUB app icon everyone I get a text. Is there any way to shut this off? I don't want to go back to Gmail app but it's really annoying. Thanks for any help!

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    03-09-16 01:30 PM
  2. Harsha Perera's Avatar
    The red asterisk is your notification of a new message. I never had a problem with it so I never explored how to turn it off. But you may want to have a look at Hub settings.

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    03-09-16 02:00 PM
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    Thanks Harasha, yep I get what the notification is for and like it for my email - I just don't have texting turned on in my HUB, yet every time I get a text I get the red asterisk, and when I click on the HUB it disappears immediately as of course there is no message to view as I have it turned off. A little weird, maybe a problem blackberry hasn't fixed yet...

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    03-09-16 06:48 PM
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    03-09-16 06:48 PM

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