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    I just installed Blackberry Link to backup my Q10 running the 10.xxx software. After disconnecting my phone from my Windows 7 based pc, I now see two new network drives (W: and X with X: being, in part, entitled [Flash]. I just want to back up my phone periodically to my Network Attached Storage (NAS) and see that I DO have a backup in the folder there I created.
    What is up with these other two drives? I really don't feel I need them and would like to delete them. Are they really necessary? Will I cause problems deleting them? And most importantly, how do I prevent their creation each time I do a manual "complete" backup?
    Thank You!
    07-31-14 01:27 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Are those drive still accessible after removing your USB cord?

    If they are you must have the "Access using Wi-Fi" option on. If you turn it off your access to your those drives should be disconnected when you unplug the USB Cable.

    If they aren't accessible and you aren't sharing them... Windows is just not recognizing they have been disconnected....
    07-31-14 02:47 PM
  3. albriton's Avatar
    Hey Thanx, scalemaster34! Yes, the wireless connection is what was doing it, even though I had already un-checked the wireless connection box. Let's hope Link holds on to my preferences for a while. Thanx for pointing me in the right direction!!
    08-01-14 09:16 AM

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