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    does anyone know how to download songs from Slacker radio onto my Z10? Slacker says it can't be done with Blackberry's yet, but I have heard of some people who have done it...any ideas??
    07-22-14 03:23 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Like Slacker said, you can't on the BB10 version.
    07-22-14 04:34 PM
  3. anon721037's Avatar
    Like Slacker said, you can't on the BB10 version.
    Hey Congrats, i see you finally have the correct title, now let loose and get things moving,
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    07-22-14 07:54 PM
  4. to boldly go's Avatar
    I didnt know it was blocked on blackberry 10!

    I use the download feature on my bold, and only bought the bb10 because ATnT does not let the feature work. So i left the sim card out of my bold to use my music program. Now how sucky is that?!$. Also, when i set up slacker on my bold, it was working 100 percent for awhile, except that i could only it on wifi not on data, this only worked ok for me bc i have a wifi device to use with it.

    I was going to use slacker radio on the 10 and use the bold for calling-texting cuz i LUV that real keyboard!
    I highly recommend slacker radio premium ($10/mo.) if you have a Bold or phone that will let all the features work. It is a HUGE saver on the data plan (probably why ATnT doesnt like to let it work!), plus its all kindza fun to find music you know and love and cool stuff you dont know and make a station out of it. You download two ways. You pick whole albums -- but may or may not be lucky on it giving you all of the songs -- and you make playlists of single songs while on line, and download them as offline playlists.

    Saving your music offline, called 'caching,' takes time and burns a bit of data. But you can download a lot of stuff and keep it for a long time. I havent bothered to find out how long yet, i kept having to reset and start over until i realized, its either slacker or a sim card, cant enjoy having both on my bb-bold!

    Paying for my internet phone pkg is ridiculously expensive, and slacker radio is the most worthwhile app i have and enjoy the most.
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    07-26-14 01:27 AM
  5. to boldly go's Avatar
    So now that makes me wonder

    If you take out your sim card, and download slacker on wifi, also register it and buy the subscription, and, still no sim card, see if you can download your songs on wifi. But dont use ATnT to pay for the subscription, do it directly through the slacker website. Of course you pay to find out, i sure dont know if it would work.

    I see yet another BB bold in my future. Dang.

    While i do love my Z10, i would not have bought it if i had known this.
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    07-26-14 01:39 AM

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