1. nfuture's Avatar
    Greetings! I have my native swedish and my second language english as default. But when I write in swedish it auto corrects all i's into capital I's. This particular vocal is very common in swedish, since it means "in" and a number of other things.

    Is it possible to unlearn the device in some way?
    03-22-15 01:39 PM
  2. ZedMacahan's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing this up. I'm in the same boat. I always have to manually correct "I" to "i" which is strange, most other Swedish words pops up as suggestions and are corrected if misspelled. But "i" turns to "I" even in middle of sentences which is annoying.
    03-22-15 01:46 PM
  3. ZedMacahan's Avatar
    I think I've found a solution. Just tested briefly but it seems to work.
    Go to Settings --> Language and Input --> Prediction and Correction --> Word Substitution
    Delete the row i --> I.
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    03-24-15 12:00 PM

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