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    Every time I send an email it is showing inside my Hub , is it possible to opt out of this function as I really don;t need to see them as a separate line inside my hub. I am on BB Q10.

    10-28-14 07:05 AM
  2. menshawy's Avatar
    Don;t want to see inside my Hub sent email , how can I do that ? BB Q10-img_20141028_120744.png

    From Hub click the three dots, choose settings then choose display and actions

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    10-28-14 07:08 AM
  3. menshawy's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply but I don;t have this line : Show sent emails instead I have Show sent Messages and it is off at the moment. any ideas ?
    Don't know how it's possible but maybe you could try to choose "Conversation" from "Display Style" in the same menu I posted a screenshot of
    10-28-14 09:45 AM

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